The subject of the environment in recent years has attained a much higher profile and must now be considered an intrinsic part of our daily activities.

Which means that all Woodlands staff need to understand their roles in preserving and enhancing the environment.

Woodlands has always and will continue to comply with their clients’ environmental policies but we believe that we should also have our own policy.

The adoption of an Environmental Policy is a clear commitment by the company to support any procedures or actions, which will positively benefit the environment.

Our Managing Director Mr Tony Faratro is responsible for the overall co-ordination of all environmental issues and for the implementation of the Environmental Policy.

This policy states our intention to take all reasonable measures to conduct our business activities so that damage to the environment and pollution is minimised to that end our company will….

  • ensure the consequences of any business decision on the environment are fully understood and will not compromise environmental issues.
  • ensure all staff are fully conversant with environmental issues, particularly with regard to their daily work activities.
  • maintain a close liaison with clients and fully support their environmental policies.
  • ensure awareness of current environmental legislation and fully comply with such legislation and regularly review our compliance.
  • raise awareness and encourage active commitment to environmental improvement by training employees, so as to establish a sense of individual and collective responsibility for environmental issues
  • support the conservation of non-renewable resources and actively encourage the use of renewable and reusable materials, recycling and waste minimisation.
  • ensure environmentally safe disposal of all waste which can not be recycled.
  • Investigate fully incidents, which may affect the environment, including those of our contractors.

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