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Woodlands main asset is its people and therefore wants to ensure employees are being developed properly, their skill sets are channelled through the correct business unit and they are placed in the right location to service our clients needs.

Via our Personal Development Program we can detect the right training needs and desires for the individual.

The main purposes of the program are:

  • development and growth of employees
  • ensure employees have the right skills to perform their current and future job
  • discuss career goals to understand employees' career expectations
  • evaluate potential leadership skills

Woodlands makes significant investment in the training of apprentice engineers and operatives.

Quality Assurance

At Woodlands, in conjunction with our focus of delivering projects on time and within budget we pride ourselves on the quality of the systems we install.

To achieve this a specific Quality Plan is produced for each of our projects incorporating inspection & test plans plus check sheets, document control, work methods and management roles and responsibilities. We work closely with ISO to ensure we meet industry standards as a minimum.

Our Quality Plans are continually developing, we are firm believers in ‘lessons learnt’ from previously successfully completed projects and believe that there is always room for improvement, those who sit on their loreals cannot  and will not be able to evolve with the ever-changing needs of our clients.

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