Underground Utilities

High Pressure Water Jetting

The use of water at high pressure is an effective way of cleaning a variety of surfaces, both underground and above ground, it is practically effective in cleaning drains, sewers and pipe work systems but a variety of other applications include tank cleaning, graffiti removal and general surface cleaning. A hose introduced into the pipe fire’s powerful water jets at up to 7000 P.S.I a nozzle at the hose end converts the water into laser cutting jets which strip deposits from pipe walls, flush out waste and restore full flow to the effected drain. Our service engineers to clear blockages in drainage systems, where pipe diameters can range from 25mm to 1000mm routinely use this technique.

Electro-Mechanical Cleaning

Another technique to thoroughly purge and de-scale waste pipes and main sewers, it is often used within buildings, in soil and vent and primary pipe work servicing sinks and urinals where the build up of hard substances such as uric scale, lime scale and concrete residue or where root ingress occurs. Powerful cutters are connected to steel sprung cables which are fed from a rotating drum into the pipe work, this technique can be used in pipe work ranging in diameter from 25mm to 225mm.

CCTV - Diagnostics

Closed circuit television (C.C.T.V) surveys are widely used in the detailed evaluation of pipe work. A C.C.T.V camera inspects the system from the best  position inside the pipe; it is therefore ideal for finding structural damage or defects.

Experienced operatives working to high standard prepare a comprehensive report. These will detail any faults within the system and recommendations will be made for repair.

Drains, sewers, ducting, bore holes and cavities can all benefit from C.C.T.V inspection services.

Excavations, Repair and Installation

We offer comprehensive repair and renovation and installation service for the drainage systems, both above and belowground.

Qualified personnel that have been trained to meet the latest legislation and comply with all Health and Safety regulations carry out all excavation work.

Planned Maintenance

Tailored to meet individuals needs, Woodlands Site Services drain care service offers a schedule of regular service visits where the entire drain system or specific section of it are thoroughly purged and cleaned using appropriate specialist equipment. Especially suited to the managed blocks or larger establishment, where preventative measures are more cost effective than cure.

Regular Drain Survey

Getting your drains checked regularly, using CCTV drain inspection service enables you to keep a check on the structural condition of any drain or section of pipe work. Doing this will identify any problem areas before they develop into a problem, causing blockages or leaks. Leaks can result in environmental pollution or even subsidence of nearby buildings.

Health & Safety

Stringent health and safety standards and our experienced engineers guaranteed workmanship, and a customer focused approach .

All of our engineers understand completely the need to properly safeguard the well being of customers and their premises and belongings. All our work practices conform to: -

  • The health and safety at work act 1974
  • The management of health and safety at work reg.1992
  • The contract of substance hazardous to health 1988
  • New road and street work act 1991

Engineers work to a discipline procedure, which involves: -

  • A formal assessment as to how the task will be achieved, available in writing if required.
  • A risk assessment which will cover;
  • The identification of all potential risks and tactics for avoidance.
  • Any signs and barriers to corner off the working area.
  • The use if necessary of personal protection equipment.

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